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Trump’s Facebook account should never be reinstated because we know what he’d use it for

On Wednesday, Facebook’s Oversight Board will announce whether former President Donald Trump will once again be allowed to post on that company’s platforms — which include both Facebook and Instagram. The company first took down a video and post from Trump, then suspended the then-president’s accounts for 24 hours on Jan. 6. CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote the next day that “the risks of allowing the president to continue to use our service during this period are simply too great,” in concert with an indefinite suspension.

After Trump left office, the company then punted a decision on whether to re-activate his accounts to the Facebook Oversight Board — made up of outside experts with its own staff established and funded by Facebook. Launched in October 2020 to hear appeals to Facebook’s moderation decisions, the board has apparently now made up its mind about Trump’s fate.

The above excerpt was originally published in NBC News. Please click here to view the full article.