The US will continue to face national security threats – and must be prepared

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While the United States and governments around the world scramble to address the rapidly spreading coronavirus, officials are trying to keep people healthy and plan for the impacts on everyday life and the global economy. Governments must also urgently plan for the impact of the coronavirus on national security.

The US will continue to face a wide array of national security threats – some of them exacerbated by the response to the pandemic, others created because of it.

Existing national security challenges will be made worse as countries take extreme measures to respond to the coronavirus. The global crisis of displaced people – which is already at historic levels – could drive more instability as countries close their borders, if outbreaks occur in camps or if people flee countries incapable of handling the pandemic at home. The situation could deteriorate even further if leaders attempt to scapegoat refugees and foreigners, as we have already seen across Europe and the United States, where Donald Trump called it a “foreign virus”.

The above excerpt was originally published in The Guardian.