Trump’s Budget Will Continue To Undermine Middle Class Security

On Monday, March 11, President Trump will release part of his budget. If past budgets and other Trump policies are any indication, it will include several proposals that will undermine middle-class economic security. These proposed cuts will come when many key programs need more money, not less. America’s middle class already struggles with slow wage growth and meager savings, as the recent government shutdown poignantly illustrated. As many middle-class families face economic insecurity today, they also worry about their financial situation in retirement. They just can’t count on this administration to ease their worries.

The President’s budget proposal will in all likelihood continue a trend of policies that undermine middle-class economic security at the expense of boosting the incomes of the richest Americans through massive tax cuts . Most recently, President Trump shut down part of the government. Many government employees and contractors quickly fell behind on paying their bills because they had few emergency savings, let alone retirement savings.

This article was originally published in Forbes.