North Korea Diplomacy Has Done Nothing to Make Americans Safer

Stop grading Donald Trump on a curve when it comes to North Korea. The job of the president of the United States is to keep the American people safe and defend U.S. national security interests. No matter how bad Trump may be at his job, he must be held to the same standard as other presidents. Coming out of the Singapore summit meeting between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, many people are claiming that we are now in a better place than we were when Trump was threatening war.

If you feel yourself breathing a sigh of relief and thanking Trump, please stop. Of course, any diplomacy is better than war, but that’s not the point. The choice between war and diplomacy is a false one fabricated by the president over the past year. He threatened to start an unnecessary and preventive war with North Korea. Now he is claiming to have saved everyone from the danger of nuclear war that he caused in the first place. Trump is both the arsonist and firefighter.

The above excerpt was originally published in The Hill.