America Alone at the United Nations

On Tuesday morning, “America First” took center stage at the United Nations. Donald Trump has long dismissed multilateralism, rattling America’s oldest friends and the alliances that preserve our national security. His administration has taken an axe to the State Department and used the United Nations as a punching bag. The message to the global community has been clear: it’s Trump’s way or the highway. This week, he delivered that message in person to world leaders gathered at the UN General Assembly.

President Trump set out what his brand of nationalism means for global community. The United States would continue to act abroad to safeguard its security and pursue economic prosperity. But it would no longer seek to promote American values or its democratic system of government beyond its borders. By separating American interests from American values, Trump cast aside the mantle of moral leadership in the world. In doing so, he broke sharply with prior occupants of the White House from both parties. The message to those fighting for democracy and human rights in their countries around the world was clear: you are on your own.

The above excerpt was originally published in The National Interest.