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“We handled all the stress of moving, only to find ourselves in a child care desert.”

No one actually enjoys moving, but it’s especially tough if you’ve got little kids. When you’re young and single, moving can even be a social affair – it’s famously easy to trick friends into lugging a futon, desk, or a few cardboard boxes up some stairs as long as there is the promise of free pizza or beer at the end of a hard day’s work. By and large, an interstate move as a family of four doesn’t work the same way.

I’m speaking from experience here, as last year my wife and I moved with our infant and four-year-old from Michigan to Washington, D.C. We’d gotten new jobs in the nation’s capital, and while we were excited to start a new chapter of our lives – finding a house where our kids would grow up and form lasting memories, getting to know a world-class city, taking our careers to the next level – mostly we were stressed out. From when we figured out we were definitely moving to our first day at work in DC would be a scant six weeks.

The above excerpt was originally published in MomsRising.