Why the Fight for $15 Matters for the Millennial Generation, and for All Women

Millennials have come of age in a time when the odds have been stacked against them, with our country facing declining job prospects, stalled wages, and rising inequality. Just consider this sobering fact: Today, the average 30-year-old earns roughly the same amount as a 30-year-old living in 1984—even though our economy is now 70% more productive, and millennials are more educated than any generation that’s come before them.

Stagnant opportunity plays a significant role in maintaining disparities for women in the workforce, who still receive approximately 80 cents for every dollar paid to their male counterparts. The difference is starker for women of color: Latinx women are paid 54 cents for every dollar given to white men, while black women are paid just 64 cents.

This article was originally published in Teen Vogue.