Trump’s Meeting with China’s Xi Is Risky with U.S.-Asia Policy Up in the Air

“Everything is under negotiation, including One China.” Those words, said by president-elect Donald Trump in January as he questioned U.S. policy on Taiwan, could mark the death knell of the Obama administration’s Asia pivot. More importantly, Trump’s words could signal the unraveling of peace and prosperity in Asia, if Trump is willing to deal away U.S. security commitments in exchange for short-term economic benefits from China.

That’s why there is a lot at stake when President Trump welcomes China’s President Xi Jinping to the United States on April 6. Following the visit, there will be a lot of questions. For example, will Trump get better economic deals from China, as he promised? Does he have a plan to pressure China on North Korea or its aggressive actions in the South China Sea?

The above excerpt was originally published in Just Security.