Conservative games in Washington played at the expense of the vulnerable

Instead of allowing Congress to pass targeted, large, and progressive policies that have been shown to boost economic growth and job creation, a radical conservative minority has instead repeatedly gambled with the country’s economic health and with it the livelihoods of many Americans, particularly communities of color, which are, according to the Center for American Progress’ recent report, The State of Communities of Color in the U.S. Economy, still in a fragile state from the setbacks caused by the Great Recession in 2007.

This dangerous and obstructionist gamesmanship was done all in the name of undoing the Affordable Health Care Act, or ACA, commonly known as Obamacare, which House Republicans have voted to dismantle 46 times and forced the recent two-week federal government shutdown, despite the fact the law is already helping millions of uninsured and underinsured American families. The impacts of the actions of this radical minority are especially detrimental to communities of color who stand to gain significantly from a fully implemented and funded health care law.

This article was originally published in theGrio.