Win-Win Situation: An All-In Nation Of Racial Equality Fosters Economic Prosperity

If you knew you could do the right thing and personally benefit from it, would you do it? I am willing to bet most of us would.

Last week, the Center for American Progress and PolicyLink released a book, All-In Nation: An America That Works for All, which argues that if we reduced racial inequalities, we would benefit economically both individually and as a nation. The analysis shows that if Latinos and African-Americans would have closed the income gap with whites in 2011, average personal incomes would have been 8 percent higher; the national GDP would have increased by 1.2 trillion; 13 million people would have been lifted out of poverty; we would have an additional 192 billion in tax revenue and reduce the social security deficits in the long run by more than 10 percent.

Sounds like a good deal?  You bet it does. Closing racial gaps is a win-win; there are no trade-offs, only positive outcomes.

This article was originally published in Fox News Latino.