Leadership Fellow to Participate in Global Youth Summit in South Africa

Leadership Fellow Jamila Aisha Brown will participate in the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa’s Youth Summit this May in Cape Town, South Africa. The Youth Summit will preview the Open Society’s OpenForum, which will be centered around the theme of Money, Power and Sex: The paradox of unequal growth. The OpenForum will provide a space for activists, academics, businesspeople and policy-makers to reflect on the current economic, social and political implications for Africa and guide the programming and advocacy of the Africa Foundations. Brown is one of 60 young people worldwide who will participate in the Youth Summit and speak to these important issues from an informed and innovative perspective.

Based in DC, Brown is an activist, writer, and social entrepreneur. Her diverse background as a person of Panamanian, African-American, and Caribbean descent propelled her into the arena of international relations with a special focus on the African Diaspora. She recently founded HUE, LLC, a social entrepreneurship that provides consulting, project creation, management, and evaluation support for organizations working with communities of African-descent. Through the Youth Summit, Brown will meet other young leaders interested in exploring how the Diaspora can work together to address unequal development. Brown holds a B.A. in International Studies from Emory University and an Executive Masters degree from American University in International Service.

This article was originally published in Open Society Initiative.