Leadership Fellow to Lead Media Training in Macedonia

Washington, DC—CAP Leadership Fellow Jamiah Adams will lead a media training in Skopje, Macedonia this May with the US Embassy in Macedonia. Her training will be held at the regional conference titled “The Role of the Media in Building Social Cohesion” supported by the State Department’s Office of the Special Representative to Muslim Communities. Adams is one of two US trainer-moderators who will attend this conference. Her background working with diverse groups—including the American Muslim community—and her extensive experience producing educational, advocacy and documentary media will allow her to have a tremendous impact on the conference participants.

Adams is currently working with the American Islamic Heritage Museum (AIHM) as they partner with the Smithsonian Museum’s Will to Adorn project. The project, which will debut in 2013, demonstrates the many ways African Americans adorn themselves. AIHM is curating the African American Muslim research portion of the project—and Adams is producing some of the content. Her latest web video was produced for Unity Productions Foundation’s My Fellow American Campaign, highlighting prominent non-Muslims sharing stories about American Muslims they know or admire. Previously, Adams was New Media Manager of constituency content for the Democratic National Committee and New Media Producer at the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). She is a graduate of San Francisco State University where she received a B.A. in broadcast communications and the University of Southern California where she earned a master of professional writing degree.

This article was originally published in Alt Muslimah.