Samir Paul, DC School Reform NOW December ’11 Outstanding Educator

CAP Leadership Fellow Samir Paul was selected as DC School Reform NOW’s December 2011 Outstanding Educator. “Education reform is the silver bullet for the gravest problems facing the United States in a new century,” he said in an interview with the local school reform group. “It is a challenge too big for just teachers, just administrators, just communities, or just lawmakers—instead, it will require the unyielding commitment of all those groups and many more.” Read an interview with Mr. Paul on the DC School Reform NOW’s website.

Mr. Paul is a Teach For America corps member serving as a high school math and computer science teacher in the District of Columbia Public Schools. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan (pictured here with Mr. Paul) gave the keynote address at Teach For America’s 2nd annual DC Region gala where he urged the audience to find common ground in a shared commitment to seeking the best interest of students.

This article was originally published in DC School Reform NOW.