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How Congress Can Fix Student Loan Repayment

Congress should use the likely reauthorization of the Higher Education Act to codify standards for student loan servicing and improve the system for borrowers.



The Education Department’s Debit Card Pilot Could Threaten Student Aid

A pilot program from the Department of Education will partner the department with a private financial institution to provide a payment card to students, offering up students as customers while collecting data on their spending habits—data that the department could ultimately use to limit students’ eligibility for financial aid.



One and Done

Low-income students rarely experience changes in their aid eligibility; a one-time FAFSA could guarantee aid and remove a barrier to completion.


Fact Sheet: Modeling a One-time FAFSA

A CAP study finds that students’ circumstances are stable enough to have them file the FAFSA just once, which could have a positive impact on students—particularly those who receive Pell Grants.