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Segregated by Income

A District-by-District Evaluation of Economic Segregation in America’s Schools

See also: Isolated and Segregated” by Ulrich Boser and Perpetual Baffour

Millions of students across the country attend schools that are intensely segregated by economic status. Today, 40 percent of all low-income children—or 10 million students—attend schools with poverty rates of 75 percent or higher.

But to what extent is each school district in the United States economically segregated? This data tool provides an answer to that question with an analysis of more than 1,700 school districts across the country.

Use this data tool to explore the most and least segregated school districts nationwide. For more information and methodology, please see the full report.

For a full-size version of the interactive, click here.

Ulrich Boser is a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress. Perpetual Baffour is a research associate for the Education Policy team at the Center.