Making Waves

Americans who depend on the ocean and treasure its beauty and abundance are counting on Congress to hold the Trump administration accountable for its harmful anti-ocean agenda, as well as to chart a more sustainable and prosperous course forward.



Progressive Lawmakers Flex Their Muscles

This week, Daniella and Ed speak with Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) about her priorities for the new Congress and her predictions about a potential government shutdown.



The Education Department’s Debit Card Pilot Could Threaten Student Aid

A pilot program from the Department of Education will partner the department with a private financial institution to provide a payment card to students, offering up students as customers while collecting data on their spending habits—data that the department could ultimately use to limit students’ eligibility for financial aid.



The Future Is Bright for Community Schools

Through organizing, lifting up community voices, improving curricula, and investing in effective leadership, community schools can realize their potential and grow to scale.



‘Thunderdome Politics’ with Greg Sargent

Author Greg Sargent sits down with Daniella and Ed to discuss his new book, the "Trump effect" on U.S. politics, and a path forward for the new congressional majority.


Sandy Still Speaks: The Life and Death of Sandra Bland

This week, Daniella moderates a panel with Cannon Lambert, the Bland family attorney, and David Heilbroner, co-director of the documentary, “Say Her Name: The Life and Death of Sandra Bland,” during a live screening of the film at the Center for American Progress.


April Ryan: ‘He Hates Me, But That’s Fine’

This week, Daniella and Ed speak with White House correspondent April Ryan about her role as a reporter under the Trump administration.