Corporate Tax Cuts Don’t Create Jobs—Just Ask Carrier Workers

This landing text contains a correction.

President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans are planning to cut trillions of dollars in corporate taxes. They say that lowering taxes on businesses will spur investment, raise wages, and create jobs. We went to Indiana to ask a Carrier workerwho has seen his company slash jobs despite receiving a $7 million tax break on top of $5.1 billion* in profits in 2016whether corporate tax cuts help American workers.

Andrew Satter is the director of Video at the Center for American Progress. Jeremy Slevin is the associate director of advocacy for the Poverty to Prosperity Program at the Center.

* Correction, November 7, 2017: This landing text incorrectly stated Carrier’s 2016 profits and has been updated to reflect the amount in the accompanying video. The correct amount is $5.1 billion.