Reforming Federal Contracting to Promote Higher Labor Standards

Testimony of John D. Podesta Before the Office of Management and Budget

CAP Action’s John Podesta testifies before the Office of Management and Budget. Read the full testimony.

As previous panelists have made clear, the federal contracting process needs to be reformed to limit waste and ensure the government’s interests are upheld. The Center for American Progress and its sister organization The Center for American Progress Action Fund have long advocated the kinds of reforms President Barack Obama has indicated he wants to pursue, including improved transparency and oversight, increased competition, and preventing the contracting out of essential government functions—something I had considerable experience with during the Clinton administration, particularly with respect to employees making benefit decisions.

These changes are essential, but I want to focus on a less well-known but equally critical set of reforms. These reforms will improve the quality of the jobs that are created when the federal government contracts out.

Read the full testimony. (CAP Action)