Invest in Child Care: Something Has To Change

Congress must fund child care to help early educators ensure that future generations have the foundation they need to build a healthy, successful life.


Interactive: Opportunities for States To Improve Infant Health Outcomes

This interactive allows users to see states' progress toward implementing policies to improve maternal and infant mortality and eliminate racial disparities in health across three domains: healthy families, economic and work supports, and infant health outcomes.



The Economics of Caregiving for Working Mothers

Working mothers are important drivers of three essential industries—elementary and secondary education, hospitals, and food services—yet cannot afford child care for their own children.



America, It’s Time to Talk About Child Care

In this jointly released report, the authors present a plan to provide equitable, quality child care for all families in the United States.

Early Learning in the United States: 2019

These fact sheets outline the current state of early learning and opportunities for improvement in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.