The Cost of Inaction on Universal Preschool

Every year that policymakers delay on universal high-quality preschool, the United States loses billions of dollars in related economic benefits.



A Blueprint for Child Care Reform

A significant federal investment in child care is urgently needed to make child care more affordable for and accessible to families, promote healthy development in young children, and create well-paying jobs in the growing care industry.



Mapping America’s Child Care Deserts

CAP’s geographic study of child care markets finds that approximately half of Americans across 22 states live in areas with an undersupply of child care options.


Early Learning in the United States: 2017

By preparing children for school and enabling parents to work, high-quality child care and preschool are a necessity for children, families, and the economy. These fact sheets explore the status of early learning programs in states and the need for state investment in these programs.