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Interactive: Opportunities for States To Improve Infant Health Outcomes

See also: Opportunities for States To Improve Infant Health Outcomes” by Cristina Novoa

In May 2019, a report by the Center for American Progress outlined policy solutions to improve maternal and infant mortality and eliminate racial disparities in maternal and infant health outcomes. The interactive below allows users to investigate states’ progress toward implementing some of the recommendations that are featured in the report and highlighted in an accompanying issue brief. It also provides context on how states fare on overall infant health outcomes and racial disparities in health.

To use the interactive, simply click on a state to show details on each of the indicators. For each domain—healthy families, economic and work supports, and infant health outcomes—a number ranging from 1 to 100 indicates how well a state is faring, with higher scores representing better outcomes. Clicking on the label for a domain (e.g. “Healthy families”) or an indicator within a domain (e.g. “Medicaid eligibility”) will change the map display to data for the selected domain or indicator. See the Methodology appendix for additional information on how CAP determined the scoring rubric.

Cristina Novoa is a senior policy analyst for Early Childhood Policy at the Center for American Progress. Mathew Brady is the data visualization developer at the Center.