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Advancing Economic Security for People With Disabilities

In order to advance economic security for people with disabilities, policymakers must level the playing field for disabled workers while also guaranteeing access to housing, nutrition, and health care for those who are unable to work.


The State of the U.S. Labor Market: Pre-February 2019 Jobs Day Release

Policymakers and economists must consider the challenges of disabled workers and other populations who face high labor market barriers when evaluating the health of the labor market and implementing policies that affect it.


Serving the Hardest Hit

As extreme weather events increase in frequency and intensity, local and federal leaders must ensure that people with disabilities are central to all emergency preparedness, response, and recovery efforts.


Protecting Basic Living Standards for LGBTQ People

New data show that nutrition and housing assistance, Medicaid, and unemployment benefits are critical to LGBTQ people’s economic security.


Blueprint for the 21st Century

CAP’s Jobs Blueprint addresses the wage stagnation and employment challenges facing working class Americans and communities left behind by investing in millions of new jobs nationwide to meet some of our nation’s most pressing economic and social needs and creating a job guarantee in the hardest-hit areas.