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To Impeach or Not To Impeach—That Is the Question

As President Donald Trump absconds to the United Kingdom for the pomp and circumstance of a visit with Queen Elizabeth and the royal family, Jesse Lee, senior adviser for Communications at the Center for American Progress and this week’s guest, is here to remind us from what Trump may be running away. Whether it’s the question of impeachment heating up in Congress, or his son-in-law, Jared Kushner’s, recent disastrous interview discussing birtherism, or the ongoing drip of corruption stories emanating from the highest rungs of his administration, things are not going great for the Trump team. In this episode, Daniella and Ed break down and weigh the merits of the rising talk of impeachment with Lee, and Ed pontificates on his newest fascination: UFOs.

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Daniella Gibbs Léger is the executive vice president for Communications and Strategy at the Center for American Progress. Ed Chung is the vice president for Criminal Justice Reform at the Center. Kyle Epstein is the media relations manager at the Center. Chris Ford is the broadcast coordinator at the Center.