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Where Have You Gone, Roseanne Barr?

Susan J. Douglas, contributing author to The Shriver Report: A Woman’s Nation Changes Everything discusses the media's portrayal of women.


A Historic Reform

Statement from John D. Podesta on Senate passage of historic health care reform legislation.


The Scarlet Letter Revisited: Sen. Nelson and Abortion Shaming

It's been a while since we made women stitch scarlet A's to their clothes as one of their many punishments for having babies out of wedlock. That kind of public shaming—being shunned and branded as a harlot, slut, sinner, whore—went out of style a few hundred years ago. But a new version of female shaming, 21st century style, has just been written into the Senate version of the health care bill.


Lessons Learned from Copenhagen

Rebecca Lefton, Andrew Light, and Daniel J. Weiss on what you need to know following the United Nations International Climate Change Summit.


Focus on Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

People who do not have regular access to primary care go without the preventive and routine services that can stop the root causes of disease and detect illness in the early stages when treatment is most effective.


A Codependent Relationship

The United States and China have an unhealthy and codependent economic relationship. That needs to change, writes Sabina Dewan.


HOME STAR for the Holidays

Home is where the heart is, and Bracken Hendricks explains how new incentives could jump start the economy and make that home a clean-energy home.


Men’s Changing Roles

Michael Kimmel, contributing author to The Shriver Report: A Woman’s Nation Changes Everything discusses how men's roles are changing.


Obama, Health Care, and Copenhagen

Michael Werz at the Center for American Progress in Washington argues that Barack Obama has shouldered a great burden at the Copenhagen Climate Summit and his negotiating skills were crucial to save the agreement. With regard to domestic policies like health reform and climate legislation Obama's position has been strengthened and it looks as if the White House will be successful in achieving its major legislative goals.