Separate Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan

As members of Congress return from Thanksgiving recess next week, they will have a list of unfinished business to confront, most pressing of which will be approving funding for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. While there remains a great deal to debate in regard to funding the war in Iraq, no such disagreement exists...



World AIDS Day 2007

A by the numbers look at HIV and AIDS shows that hard work over recent years has brought good news, but there is still a lot of work to be done.


Consumers Can’t Hang on Forever as Trouble Brews

I wrote in this column in early 2002 that Time magazine erred in not naming U.S. consumers ``Person of the Year,'' in recognition of their impressive purchases of cars and houses in the 2001 recession. The U.S. consumer has stayed remarkably resilient, even in the face of a recovery with declining family income. Now, however,...



Bad Rates Risin’

A new postal rate that would benefit media megaliths could spell the demise of many smaller, particularly minority publications.


Senate’s Version of Farm Bill Inadequate on Subsidy Reform

When the full Senate returns from its extended Thanksgiving recess, Senators from both sides of the aisle will face several critical decisions regarding the 2007 farm bill. Needless to say, a renewed and vigorous debate of the $286 billion legislation on the Senate floor will offer a chance for fresh new voices to enter the...


Naomi Wolf Doesn’t Get America’s Youth

In Sunday's Washington Post Outlook section, Naomi Wolf argued that most young people today don't understand how democracy works and that even those who do are too cynical to get involved in our country's democratic process. Read more here.  


The Security Implications of Climate Change

In terms of the effects of climate change, the future is becoming increasingly clear. The expected greenhouse gas emissions scenario developed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) portends a world in which people and nations will be threatened by massive food and water shortages, devastating natural disasters, and deadly disease outbreaks. No foreseeable...



Stem Celebration

The work of University of Wisconsin-Madison and Kyoto University scientists will jump start the field of regenerative medicine, writes Jonathan Moreno.


A Changing Climate: The Road Ahead for the United States

What a difference a decade makes. In December 1997, when sleepless negotiators agreed to the Kyoto Protocol, the Senate was already on record 95-0 against the accord, the American public and media were largely uninterested, and policymakers outside the environmental community paid the issue little heed. Now, the cultural landscape is dotted with cover articles...


Morning-After Pill Not a Method of Abortion

I Applaud David O'Brien's call for common ground on the issue of abortion (Op-ed, Nov. 16) and for accountability regarding the consequences of the extreme anti-abortion positions promoted by many Catholic pastoral leaders and their political colleagues. However, in one area O'Brien, like so many others, has fallen prey to the propaganda of those opposed...



Giving Thanks

This year, CAP is grateful to the over 200,000 brave men and women serving our country on the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan.