Max Bergmann

Areas of expertise: European Union, NATO, Russia, foreign interference, U.S. security cooperation, U.S. foreign policy


Matt Browne

Areas of expertise: Europe, Western Hemisphere, Australasia, international economics, trans-Atlantic relations

Rudy deLeon

Areas of expertise: Asia-Pacific, China, defense policy, defense budget, legislative and executive process, politics

Gordon Gray

Areas of expertise: Diplomacy, Middle East, North Africa

Max Hoffman

Areas of expertise: Turkey, climate migration security, food security, defense policy

Brian Katulis

Areas of expertise: U.S. national security strategy, Middle East, counterterrorism

Lawrence J. Korb

Areas of expertise: Federal budget, military, defense policy, defense budget


Dan Restrepo

Areas of expertise: Latin America, Western Hemisphere

Mara Rudman

Areas of expertise: U.S. foreign policy, national security, Middle East policy, U.S. foreign assistance, foreign affairs and defense budget, legislative and executive processes