Upcoming Events

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#WomenProgress: People, Power, and Policy

Please join us for a conversation on women's equality and economic empowerment in the American South.

501 Pulliam St SW, Atlanta, GA 30312, USA

Past Events

The 2016 Election: One Year Out

President Donald Trump’s divisiveness has given rise to a new awakening of progressive policy and activism. More and more advocates, organizers, leaders, and other progressive voices are fighting to protect past progressive achievements. This event will explore the overarching political themes from the past year, noting how much the world has changed and how people have moved on issues they care about. The event will also feature the release of a major new report, “Voter Trends in 2016: The Final Verdict,” examining the most important demographic and voting patterns that shaped the 2016 election based on a comprehensive new data set constructed by the Center for American Progress.

1333 H Street Northwest, Washington, DC, United States

Religious Liberty in the Trump Era

Protected by the First Amendment, the freedom of religion is one of our most cherished constitutional rights and has allowed adherents of many religious traditions and nonbelievers alike to thrive in the United States. The Trump administration’s pattern of redefining religious liberty to allow people and corporations to opt out of the law by citing a religious objection hurts the LGBT community, religious minorities, women, and other vulnerable groups. Our panel will examine the impact of decisions to deviate from legal precedent and established religious liberty principles. Panelists will also explore ways in which advocates and faith communities are fighting to uphold true religious liberty, which respects pluralism and rejects discrimination.

1333 H Street Northwest, Washington, DC, United States

Beyond Sanctuary: How Colleges and Universities Can Support Their DACAmented and Undocumented Students

As a part of Defend Our Dreams, please join the Center for American Progress, Generation Progress, and college and university leaders to discuss potential policies and share actions that can be taken to support immigrant student populations, including students living in the United States without documentation and DACAmented student activists.

1333 H St NW, Washington, DC, United States

Essential Services, Essential People: The Value of a Professional Government Workforce

Join the Center for American Progress, Paul Verkuil, author of Valuing Bureaucracy: The Case for Professional Government, and a distinguished panel as they discuss the importance of a professional government workforce and the best ways to make it as effective as possible.

1333 H Street Northwest, Washington, DC, United States

Fmr. FEMA Administrator on Lessons Learned from Superstorm Sandy

Join the Center for American Progress, former Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Administrator Craig Fugate, and a panel of experts on the diverse aspects of extreme weather and the need for aid to flow to historically disadvantaged communities specifically in the aftermaths of hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria.

1333 H Street Northwest, Washington, DC, United States

The Economics of Misogyny

For every push toward women’s equality, there is often a push backward in resistance. Almost one year after a divisive 2016 presidential election, this narrative continues to take center stage. The Trump administration and GOP leadership are quick to tout their support for women, but the reality and the impact of their policies on the...

1333 H Street Northwest, Washington, DC, United States

Revisiting the Teacher Selectivity and Diversity Dilemma

Please join the Center for American Progress for a presentation of findings from these pieces and a discussion among practitioners and policy thought leaders on the ways that stakeholders and advocates at all levels can work toward a teaching profession that is both more selective and diverse.

Center For American Progress, H Street Northwest, Washington, DC, United States

Distortion and Dysfunction: Incentives Facing the U.S. Congress

Join the Center for American Progress and Sen. Michael Bennet as we discuss the importance of leadership from elected officials and citizens to correct course and demand a democratic political system capable of governing on behalf of the American people and preparing for the future.

1333 H Street Northwest, Washington, DC, United States

Immigrants Are Welcome Here

As part of Welcoming America's Welcoming Week, please join us for a discussion with California State Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) and an expert panel to discuss state and local actions to promote public safety and increase inclusion for immigrant and refugee communities across the country.

1333 H St NW, Washington, DC, United States

Fair Maps, Fair Elections, and Fair Representation

Please join the Center for American Progress, Delegate Alfonso Lopez (D-VA), and experts for a conversation on voter rights and the future of our democracy.

1333 H St NW, Washington, DC, United States