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Building A More Perfect Union

A Policy Blueprint for Rewiring the Economy, Rebuilding the Social Safety Net, and Reconnecting America With the World





The next decade will prove pivotal to the future of the United States. America will either adopt an ambitious program of national rebuilding and address the serious challenges of the present day, or it will confront continued national stagnation. National rebuilding requires bold, immediate, and interlocking action to subdue a devastating pandemic, recover from the resulting economic collapse, reduce societal inequalities, address climate change, and navigate the shifting tectonic plates of the international system.

To that end, the Center for American Progress is proud to release “A More Perfect Union”—a framework for national policymaking centered on an expansive but achievable set of multiyear goals to rewire America’s economy, rebuild the social safety net, and reconnect America with the rest of the world.

Priority number one for leaders is clearly the need for coordinated federal and state action to control the coronavirus pandemic and implement widespread vaccinations over the next year in order to allow economic rebuilding to continue safely.

As the United States deals with the COVID-19 crisis, it must also act on a parallel track to lay the foundations for a future economy. Rewiring America’s economy to run on 100 percent clean energy, to promote greater equality, and to educate a new generation of workers will not only create high-wage jobs today but also set up the United States for success in facing the changes and challenges still ahead.

National economic development must be accompanied by steps to rebuild America’s social safety net to make it more comprehensive in terms of the services it provides and more flexible in terms of how it can be accessed and used.

Likewise, America’s economic position cannot be viewed in isolation from what is happening all across the world. In order to strengthen its people at home, America will need to take new steps to reconnect the country to the rest of the world in order to protect U.S. interests, while also dealing cooperatively with other nations on problems such as pandemics, climate change, and poverty.

Please join the Center for American Progress as we explore this framework with Gov. Tom Wolf (D) of Pennsylvania and other distinguished panelists.