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The Future of Asia: U.S.-Japan Cooperation in Southeast Asia and Beyond





Southeast Asia’s geopolitical profile is on the rise: It’s home to important sea lanes, the site of incredible economic growth, a landing spot for massive amounts of foreign direct investment, and a nurturing ground for a number of burgeoning democracies. Because of its achievements, potential, and geographic importance, Southeast Asia has become a natural point of cooperation between the United States and Japan based on shared values and security interests.

However, cooperation in the region is becoming increasingly complex due to democratic backsliding. Authoritarian leaders are on the upswing, and China is developing ambitious plans to integrate itself within Southeast Asia through the Belt and Road Initiative. Now more than ever, it’s critical for the United States and Japan to strengthen their partnership in Southeast Asia to bolster the region’s stability, prosperity, and respect for democratic institutions.

Join the Center for American Progress for a discussion with leading Japan-U.S.-Southeast Asia experts to discuss policy pathways the United States and Japan can take to protect democratic institutions and freedoms in Southeast Asia.