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How Trump’s Deregulatory Agenda Hurts People’s Everyday Lives





President Donald Trump’s radical deregulatory agenda is far more dangerous and profound than often portrayed in the wider media. In his short time in office, the president and Congress have already repealed important protections against exploitative and illegal labor practices, the sale of individuals’ browser history without consent, and toxic pollutants in drinking water. And he’s also begun efforts to undermine rules that protect people’s retirement savings from unscrupulous financial advisers, ensure people get the overtime pay that they have earned, and rein in Wall Street to prevent the next financial crisis. Next up on the Trump agenda is passing the innocuous-sounding Regulatory Accountability Act (RAA), legislation that would force agencies to put corporate profits before people’s health and safety, making it virtually impossible for them to move forward with meaningful protections.

The Center for American Progress invites you to join a discussion with District of Columbia Attorney General Karl Racine and a panel of experts about the devastating implications of this deregulatory agenda. They will discuss how stymieing the ability of the government to implement common-sense safeguards negatively affects issues important to people’s everyday lives.