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Building Transgender-Inclusive Faith Communities





The inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, or LGBT, people in America’s faith traditions has long been a point of debate. While many religious communities have provided a vital support network of love and acceptance for LGBT people, too many still reject and exclude LGBT individuals and identities. Over the past several years, discussions around the inclusion of gay and lesbian people have increasingly led more faith communities to publicly and personally embrace their gay and lesbian members. Unfortunately, understanding of transgender people and their experiences within religious communities lags behind. In a moment of unprecedented visibility for the transgender community, it is past time for a loving, inclusive, and informative public conversation around transgender people, gender identity, and religion.

Please join is at the Center for American Progress for a discussion on building transgender-inclusive churches and synagogues and the release of a new resource which makes the case for trans affirmation and welcome in communities of faith, based on scripture and theology.