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The Silver Tsunami and the Emerging Majority

How Age and Race Are Changing Politics as We Know It





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In the coming years, two demographic shifts will shape our country’s course in public policy: exponential growth in communities of color and the aging of the Baby Boom generation. While considerable attention has been placed on the “emerging majority” of communities of color, America’s aging population—or the “silver tsunami”—will have important implications for public policy as well. Where do the interests of these groups come together? Where do they diverge? Most importantly, how can progressives harness the power of both to win a policy agenda that improves the lives of everyone?

Progress 2050, Caring Across Generations, and the Democracy Alliance invite you to discuss these questions and more as we delve into the importance of a multigenerational civic-engagement strategy for the 21st century. Caring Across Generations will also share new polling and research to shed further light on our how aging is changing the way we live and work in America.

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