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Ensuring that the Ladder of Opportunity Remains Strong for the Latino Community





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Latinos are a growing and vibrant demographic in the United States and their successes and challenges are closely intertwined with the future economic wellbeing of our nation. In the last four years, this community has observed great achievements such as the appointment of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, an unprecedented number of appointed officials at high levels across our federal government, and growing political clout and influence. Yet they are also experiencing significant challenges—Latinos make up the highest number of those who are uninsured, have the highest dropout rates, and have lost their homes and thus their wealth at a disproportionate rate in the recent housing crisis.

From job creation strategies to health care reform and investments in education, the last four years have shown the current administration heavily investing in a number of initiatives to provide a pathway to the middle class and to ensure that the Latino community and all Americans can successfully overcome these obstacles. Please join us for a conversation with policy experts and high-level officials to discuss what the Obama administration is doing to ensure that the ladder of opportunity and middle-class security stays strong for the growing Latino community and the challenges that remain to be scaled.