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Tracking: Where You Are, What You See, and What to Do

Almost every week, members of Congress are introducing bills to address new tracking technologies and the privacy challenges they pose. With the explosion of smartphone use and mobile apps, there is unprecedented information about “where you are”—your location information. With the spread of new types of “fingerprinting” of your computer, advertisers are gaining new details into “what you see” as you surf from website to website. The same tracking techniques that pose privacy problems are also at the heart of numerous new apps and business models. Many observers worry that overly restrictive legal rules could harm innovation and economic growth, while also depriving consumers of tools that they wish to have. This event will bring together leaders in the effort to protect privacy while also enabling the benefits of innovative technology. Speakers will discuss the technology, law, and policy of “what to do” about emerging tracking technologies, with special attention to the concerns of kids and families.

Keynote speaker:
Julie Brill, Federal Trade Commissioner

Ed Felten, Chief Technology Office, Federal Trade Commission
Jim Steyer, Founder and CEO, Common Sense Media
Peter Swire, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress, and Professor of Law, Ohio State University
Chris Wolf, Partner, Hogan Lovells LLC, and Co-Director, Future of Privacy Forum

Neera Tanden, Chief Operating Officer, Center for American Progress


Center for American Progress, 1333 H St. NW, 10th Floor, Washington, DC , 20005