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The Flaw

A Reel Progress Screening

March 21, 2011, 7:00pm ET - 9:00pm ET

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About This Event

Official Selection 2011 Sundance Film Festival

In October 2008 a humbled Alan Greenspan admitted to the U.S. Congress that he had been mistaken to put so much faith in the self-correcting power of free markets and that he had failed to anticipate the self-destructive nature of wanton mortgage lending and the housing and credit bubble it generated. Taking for its title Greenspan's description that he'd found a flaw in his model of how the world worked, "The Flaw" attempts to explain the underlying causes of the crisis in more depth than any documentary to date.

Made by international award-winning documentary maker David Sington, "The Flaw" tells the story of the credit bubble that caused the financial crash.

Please join the Center for American Progress for a provocative discussion immediately following the film.

Featured Speakers:
Nell Minow, Editor and Co-Founder, The Corporate Library
David Sington, Director, "The Flaw"

Moderated by:
David Min, Associate Director for Financial Markets Policy, Center for American Progress


E Street Cinema
555 11th St. NW
Washington, DC20005

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Nearest Metro: Blue/Orange/Red Line to Metro Center