National Resettlement Agencies File Lawsuit Against Trump Administration’s Order Blocking Refugee Resettlement

“HIAS, CWS, LIRS File Suit Against Trump Administration,” HIAS, November 21, 2019

Earlier this week, HIAS, the Church World Service, the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, and the International Refugee Assistance Project filed a lawsuit challenging the Trump administration’s September 26 executive order that requires refugee resettlement organizations to obtain written consent from state and local governments before refugees can be resettled in their jurisdictions. The complaint argues that the executive order violates the Refugee Act of 1980, the Administrative Procedure Act, and the U.S. Constitution by giving state and local governments the unprecedented—and unauthorized—power to veto federal resettlement decisions. The executive order is another drastic measure designed to obliterate the refugee resettlement system, which failed for the first time in history to admit even a single refugee last month.

The work of these organizations upholds America’s best traditions of successfully resettling refugees and helping them integrate well into the country to become strong contributors to their communities. The Trump administration’s illegal action does just the opposite by eroding the U.S. immigration system’s ability to accept refugees. Once more, it falls upon the federal judiciary to hold the administration accountable and uphold the rule of law.

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