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Congratulate President Biden on a Successful First 100 Days

    Congratulate President Biden on a Successful First 100 Days

    So far, the president has:

    • Rejoined the Paris climate accord and the World Health Organization on day one of his presidency
    • Proposed and signed into law the American Rescue Plan—landmark legislation that has brought help and support to millions of Americans around the country at the most challenging of times
    • Helped the U.S. surpass 100 million administered COVID-19 vaccination doses 49 days before his original goal

    This is what American government looks like when it's at its best. It delivers.

    A government is not measured by its grandstanding or political posturing, but by the good it brings and the opportunity it provides for its people. It gets things done and ensures that our country is on a path to a stronger and brighter future.

    And that's not all the current administration is doing to implement policies for long-term, equitable, and sustainable growth.

    Two of President Biden's key initiatives—the American Jobs Plan and the American Families Plan—include specific provisions that CAP has spent years advocating for: the need for transportation and water investment, more resilient and cleaner infrastructure, and an enhanced child tax credit to promote economic mobility and reduce child poverty.

    Help us congratulate the Biden administration on a successful first 100 days, and thank them for laying a strong foundation for a just, equitable, and sustainable future.