Intolerance Is Intolerable

See also: Faith in Values: The Ever-Evolving Institution of Marriage by Sally Steenland Despite claims by many conservatives and religious leaders, marriage has not always been a union between one man and one woman but over the years has embraced practices that even most strident marriage traditionalists might abhor.


‘Control’ Tower

See also: Sequestration Nation: Congress Acts to Ease Sequestration’s Pain on Air Travelers by Kwame Boadi This week we explore sequestration’s inconvenience on the nation’s air travelers, as well as some of the other effects it is having around the country.


NRA Theater

See also: Thou Shall Not Kill: Faith Groups and Gun-Violence Prevention by Jack Jenkins, with Eleni Towns In this brief, we examine the efforts of faith-based groups to prevent deaths caused by firearms through their work as first-responders, advocates, and prophetic voices against the scourge of gun violence.


Psst! In Here!

See also: Top 10 Ways the Senate’s Immigration Reform Bill Will Fix Our Broken System by Marshall Fitz, Ann Garcia, and Philip E. Wolgin The bipartisan Senate compromise embraces competing political imperatives while advancing smart solutions that will put 11 million undocumented immigrants on the road to citizenship.


Where Your Treasure Is

See also: Faith in Values: Advocates Continue Efforts to Prevent Gun Violence by Sally Steenland In the wake of last week’s Senate vote against legislation to prevent gun violence, Americans must remember that their efforts to reduce gun violence are a marathon, not a sprint.


The Boy Scouts, a Leadership Program

See also: Infographic: Marriage Equality Is Now a Mainstream Value (2013 Update) by Crosby Burns and Christopher Frost Recent polls confirm that an increasing majority of Americans support the freedom to marry and believe that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marriage.


Fully Automatic

See also: What the Public Really Thinks About Guns There is clear consensus around a variety of common-sense gun laws, as well as consensus around what limits are unacceptable. Congress is fighting over questions that are simply not controversial.


Backbone Checks

See also: America Under the Gun by Arkadi Gerney, Chelsea Parsons, and Charles Posner A new CAP analysis suggests a relationship between weak state gun laws and high levels of gun violence.


Don’t Breathe Out

See also: Adding Fuel to the Fire: The Climate Consequences of Arctic Ocean Drilling by Kiley Kroh and Howard Marano In order to avoid the catastrophic consequences of climate change, enormous fossil-fuel reserves will need to remain in the ground untouched.


Highway Funding

See also: Infrastructure Partnerships: Labor’s Evolving Experience by Bill Barnhart Public-private partnerships, or P3s, for building roads and bridges are engrained in America’s distant history and are re-emerging in our contemporary debate about infrastructure modernization.