What Could $432 Million Buy American Families?

The Cost of One Day of Operations in Iraq

On average, we spend $432 million a day in Iraq, while families at home feel the crunch of rising prices, declining employment, and soaring credit.

The federal government spends $432 million in Iraq on the average day, while at home American families feel the crunch of rising prices, declining employment, soaring credit, and a collapsing housing market.

So what could the federal government do for families if that $432 million a day was spent on basic necessities?

Cost of Dinner

1 gallon whole milk: $3.43
1 loaf white bread: $1.28
2 lb. chicken: $2.32
1 lb iceberg lettuce: $0.95
1 lb red delicious apples: $1.16

Total cost of dinner for one day: $9.14

$430 million would buy dinner for 47 million families.

Cost of Electricity

Cost per 500 KWH: $61.28
Average cost of electricity for one day: $3.68

$430 million would fund electricity for 116.8 million families.

Cost of Gasoline

Per Gallon: $3.10/gallon
Average cost of gasoline for one day: $4.03

$430 million would buy gasoline for 106.7 million families.

Source: U.S. Department of Labor – Bureau of Labor Statistics

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