The Diplomat Interview with Nina Hachigian

The Diplomat speaks with CAP Senior Fellow Nina Hachigian about President Barack Obama’s recent trip to China, Sino-India tensions, and whether China is destined for great power status.

Diplomat: U.S. President Barack Obama was in Beijing recently and received a lot of criticism from US commentators for being too deferential to China. What do you make of this criticism?

Nina Hachigian: There have been all kinds of different criticisms of his trip. There are some that said he was too deferential and that there weren’t deliverables. Others said that it doesn’t work to be nice to the Chinese—that it has never worked in the past. And some others say that their owning of our debt gives them so much leverage over us that that explains why the U.S. didn’t come out with deliverables.

But actually, I don’t agree with any of those.

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