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Immigration Reform Beyond the Border

We need to address the growing immigration challenge, not pour more money into doomed border enforcement-only proposals.

The House of Representatives has formally abandoned comprehensive immigration reform and instead embarked on enacting border enforcement-only proposals that cannot adequately address the immigration challenges facing our country today. Beginning with last week’s passage of the so-called Secure Fence Act, House restrictionists have announced their pursuit of a “Secure Border Now Agenda” during the remainder of this month.

Unfortunately, the notion of securing the border and ignoring the rest of the immigration challenges facing our country today has been tried and has failed. In fact, the failure of the border-enforcement-in-isolation policies of the past 15 years is what led to the push for comprehensive immigration reform in the first place.

Comprehensive immigration reform remains the only way to adequately repair our broken immigration system. The Center for American Progress boasts a number of policy prescriptions to fix our immigration problems.

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