Big Oil Deserves Less

Giveaways to oil companies rolling in profits never made sense. But for most Americans, committing to sustainable energy solutions is money well spent.

The House will vote tomorrow on swift legislation to roll back subsidies for big oil.

Cutting oil subsidies is a first step toward splitting from the 109th Congress’ oil-focused strategy and creating an energy agenda focused on achieving energy independence through sustainable solutions.

Americans overwhelmingly support renewable energy solutions like these. Eighty-six percent of Americans favor federal regulations requiring better fuel efficiency standards for cars, trucks, and SUVs. Eighty-eight percent of voters want the government to offer financial incentives for encouraging the use of renewable fuel. And 92 percent support minimum government standards for use of renewable energy in the private sector.

We must stop unnecessary corporate subsidies, make sure that profit-rich oil companies pay their fair share in royalties owed to American taxpayers for drilling on public lands and in federal waters, and recommit to kicking America’s oil habit.

But revoking subsidies must be part of a larger, more comprehensive strategy. The Center for American Progress’ plan for setting America on a path to a clean and renewable energy future includes:

Measures like these are already having a positive effect on Americans’ lives. Biofuels have already contributed directly and indirectly to the creation of 147,206 jobs and added $14 billion to the U.S. gross domestic product.

Broader implementation will directly impact the economic security, national security, and environmental security of Americans everywhere:

America’s dependence on oil puts our national security at risk, hurts our economy, and threatens our environment. By shifting our energy supply, we can enhance our security, provide our economy with a new engine for growth and prosperity, and protect our children and grandchildren against climate destabilization and its dangerous consequences. Shifting our energy priorities by rolling back subsidies for big oil is the first step.

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