Archived Projects

Fair Shot Campaign

American Women, the Center for American Progress, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, and Service Employees International Union joined together to start the Fair Shot Campaign: A plan for women and families to get ahead. From economic security to health and reproductive rights to expanding opportunities for leadership and career advancement, the Fair Shot Campaign recognized that it’s time for women across the country to come together and have their voices heard—because women and families deserve a fair shot at getting ahead, not just getting by.

Leadership Institute

The goal of the Leadership Institute was to increase the participation of progressive people of color among the thinkers, shapers, and planners of policy at every level of government, in nonprofit organizations, and in groups that influence public policy.

Legal Progress

Legal Progress sought to make the judicial branch of the U.S. government better reflect the values of liberty, equality, and opportunity enshrined in the Constitution. The project focused on the urgent need to confirm progressive judges, expose the detrimental impact corporate courts have on people’s lives, and engage the public on the Constitution. CAP continues this work through its Structural Reform and Governance department.

Progress 2050

Progress 2050 developed new ideas for an increasingly diverse America. The United States will become a nation with no clear racial or ethnic majority by the year 2050. This expected transition provides the progressive movement with an exciting opportunity to help America live up to its ideals of equality and justice for all. This body of work is now housed within CAP’s Racial Equity and Justice team.

Progressive Studies Program

The Progressive Studies Program was a unique interdisciplinary project exploring the history, intellectual foundations, and public understanding of progressivism in America. It sought to increase public awareness of progressive ideas and values and to educate public officials and policymakers through lectures, seminars, articles, public events, book discussions, new media tools, and training seminars.

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