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Thomas McGarity

Affiliated Scholar

Thomas McGarity is a professor of law at the University of Texas and president of the Center for Progressive Regulation. Professor McGarity has written a number of influential books on federal regulation: Workers at Risk (1993), co-authored with Sidney Shapiro; The Law of Environmental Protection (1984), co-authored with John Bonine; and Reinventing Rationality: The Role of Regulatory Analysis in the Federal Bureaucracy (1991).

Professor McGarity also has served on a number of government advisory committee—including at the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Academy of Sciences—and served as legal counsel or consultant to numerous environmental and public interest organizations, including the Natural Resources Defense Council, Public Citizen, the Sierra Club, the American Lung Association, and the National Audubon Society.

Major Works:


  • Breeding Distrust: An Assessment And Recommendations For Improving The Regulation Of Plant Derived Genetically Modified Foods. Consumer Federation Of America Foundation, Jan. 2001 (With Patricia Hansen).
  • Workers At Risk: The Failed Promise Of The Occupational Safety And Health Administration. Praeger, 1993.
  • The Law Of Environmental Protection: Cases, Legislation, Policies. St. Paul: West, 2nd Ed. 1992; 1st Ed. 1984. (With John E. Bonine).
  • Reinventing Rationality: The Role Of Regulatory Analysis In The Federal Bureaucracy. Cambridge University Press, 1991.
  • An Institutional And Legal Assessment On Instream Aeration Project In The Houston Ship Channel. Policy Research Institute, The University Of Texas, 1986. (With Terrell Blodgett, E. Smeardon & Richard Steward).
  • The Two Union Problem: Stumbling Block In The Evolution Of The Successorship Problem. University Of Texas School Of Law, 1972.


  • "Federal Regulation Of Mad Cow Disease Risks," 57 Administrative Law Review 289 (2005).
  • "Regulation And Litigation: Complementary Tools For Environmental Protection," 30 Columbia Journal Of Environmental Law 371 (2005).
  • "The Goals Of Environmental Legislation," 31 Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review 529 (2004).
  • "MTBE: A Precautionary Tale," 28 Harvard Environmental Law Review 281 (2004).
  • "Our Science Is Sound Science And Their Science Is Junk Science: Science-Based Strategies For Avoiding Accountability And Responsibility For Risk-Producing Products And Activities," 52 Kansas Law Review 897 (2004).

Appearances: Testified before Congress