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Sasha Lezhnev

Associate Director, Congo, Great Lakes, and LRA

Sasha Lezhnev is the Associate Director for Congo, Great Lakes, and LRA. He is also executive director and co-founder of the Grassroots Reconciliation Group, an organization that helps former child soldiers in Uganda. Previously, Sasha worked as policy adviser at Global Witness on U.S. conflict resources and energy policy. He worked for two and a half years in Uganda as senior program officer with the Northern Uganda Peace Initiative and peace process advisor to the northern Uganda mediator.

He is author of the book Crafting Peace: Strategies to Deal with Warlords in Collapsing States. Sasha also previously worked with the International Crisis Group’s Africa Program and the U.S. Institute of Peace. He holds a master’s degree in international relations from Cambridge University and a B.S. in foreign service magna cum laude from Georgetown University.

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