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About the Faith and Progressive Policy Project

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Statement of Purpose

The Faith and Progressive Policy Initiative of the Center for American Progress works to identify and articulate the moral-ethical and spiritual values underpinning policy issues, shape a progressive stance in which these values are clear, and increase public awareness and understanding of these values. Faith and Progressive Policy also works to safeguard the healthy separation of church and state that has allowed religion in our country to flourish.

Faith and Progressive Policy works in all of its efforts to promote a society and government that strengthen the common good and respect the basic dignity of all people, and informs CAP’s wide-ranging efforts to promote a strong, just and free America that ensures opportunity for all.


The current economic crisis and the growing gap between the rich and poor raises basic questions about the purpose of our economy and whom it should serve. We work with our policy experts and faith and community groups to frame the public debate in terms of fairness and justice for America’s families; raise up moral aspects of the current crisis; promote decent work; provide educational and housing opportunities; ensure economic security, and help build prosperity for all Americans.


Climate change presents not only an economic opportunity, but also a moral and spiritual opportunity to become better stewards of our planet. We highlight the work of faith communities who are combating global warming through community efforts and advocacy, connecting them with progressive allies to create new partnerships toward energy efficiency and a healthier world.

Health Care

America’s health system is in crisis, leaving 45 million people without health insurance. This is also a moral crisis, for it leaves our most vulnerable citizens without basic protection. We work to bring progressive health care policies to faith-based audiences and highlight their inventive work helping those in need and advocating for comprehensive health care legislation.


America’s broken immigration system affects all communities, casting 11 million undocumented immigrants in to the shadows; separating families; compromising civil rights, and denying access to health, education, and employment opportunities. We work with policy experts and faith communities to promote comprehensive immigration reform solutions; amplify the voices of our fellow neighbors, and articulate our values as a nation of immigrants.

LGBT Equality and Sexual Justice

Religion and sexuality have long been intertwined. While family and marriage are important components of American life, the rights and access to make these personal decisions are often denied or limited in access for some Americans. We work to strengthen alliances between faith communities and LGBT and reproductive justice advocates in the struggle for sexual justice.

International Issues

Threats facing the global community are more pressing today than ever before. It is important to protect our own security as our nation confronts these challenges and also be true to our core values. We work with our national security and international policy experts on issues ranging from torture to conflict resolution to gaining new alliances with the Muslim world in order to connect faith leaders with policy experts as we work for a global common good.

Religion and Public Life

A recurring theme in our national conversations has to do with religion and politics—whether, and how, religion should shape public policies and our common civic life. We work to provide new insights into this debate, bringing together diverse voices in order to raise important questions and find common ground within our pluralistic society.