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The High Price of Health Care

March 13, 2013, 9:30am ET - 11:00am ET

A recent Time cover story exposed a “uniquely American gold rush” for hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device makers at the expense of patients and those who pay their bills. After spending more than half a year analyzing health care bills and interviewing patients, hospital executives, and billing advocates, journalist Steven Brill found that patients and other health care purchasers are charged exorbitant prices, with markups as high as 10,000 percent.

While the Affordable Care Act took steps to address the excessive quantity of health care services, reforms that address the high costs of services are also needed to control health care spending. The Center for American Progress has offered a package of reforms to do just that. Please join us at the Center for American Progress for a timely and important discussion of an issue that affects us all: excessive health care costs.